Hot Insulation

Supply & Application of Pipe Section, Mineral Wool, Glass Wool, Ceramic Wool, Fiber Glass, Calcium Silicate and Foam Glass with outer covering over Aluminum Sheet, Galvanized Ironed Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet. Applications are generally done on Pipelines, Vessels, Heat exchangers, Tanks, Reactors, Columns, Chimney, Spheres, etc., with appropriate grade density and thickness of insulation for temperature which needs to be maintained.

Cold Insulation

Supply & application of Pre Formatted Thermocol (Polystyrene) and PUF ( Polyurethane Foam ), Foam Glass, Aeroflex, Nitrate Rubber etc on pipe section with hot-cold bitumen's Adhesive, Reinforcement Cloth and Vapour Barrier over Pipelines, Vessels, Reactors, Tanks, Compressor, Chillers, Ducting, etc., with suitable grade density and thickness of material for optimum results.

Removable Insulation Pillow

Supply removable insulation pillows are designed to fit the most difficult to insulate areas that require thermal temperature control. With our highly skilled fabricating and field measurement teams, Unicorn can handle any size project and can arrange delivery to meet the most demanding schedules.

Applications : - Piping - Flanges - Valves - Ducts - Vessels - Fittings - Turbines - Exhaust - Tanks - Pumps - Tubing

Features : - Customized size offerings. - High temperature strap & buckle fastening system. - Withstand temperatures up to 600 Degree Celsius. - High density Ceramic Fiber/ Glasswool / Rockwool Insulation,

Sound Insulation

The method used to achieve better soundproofing in a property will always depend on a specific property’s architecture and construction. At the same time, sound insulation should only ever be installed after thorough investigation. This will enable the sound and the path which sound takes to travel around a property to be accurately identified. That said, acoustic insulation solutions will either be sound shielding or sound absorbing. In like regard, depending on the results of thorough investigation on a property, a mix of both sound shielding and sound absorbing insulation systems might be employed in order to achieve the best results possible.


Unicorn is a leading provider of refractories, industrial insulation and general maintenance services to the Thai industrial market. Our services are sought by major industrial companies, including principals in the minerals processing, power generation,Cement, Iron and Steel, Glass, Petrochemicals, Ceramic, Aluminium, Boilers, Tin and general industrial markets. Our innovative methods to produce the highest quality product at low prices, and our commitment to the safety of our employees and our customers.