Fabric Expansion Joint

Unicorn designs and manufactures fabric expansion joints utilizing state of the art engineering and manufacturing. The metal frames come in a variety of styles, including integral telescoping liners, welded and bolt-in frames and can be designed to withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. They are complete structures, combining specialized materials to provide technical solutions for numerous industrial applications.

Rubber Expansion Joint

Unicorn offer a wide range of materials and constructions which are designed and manufactured to ensure complete compliance with the customer s specifications and requirements. Some of the typical applications for our rubber expansion Joints are in chilled water systems, domestic hot water systems, cooling water systems in power stations, water treatment plants, petro-chemical installations, portable water pipework and plants, sewage work etc.

Metallic Expansion Joint

Our metallic expansion Joints are mounted with flanges or weld ends in steel to specification ST37 or according to customer demand.In applications where conditions demand, pressure forces can be restrained by special assemblies incorporating Tiebars, Gimbals and Hinges. With our great experience in supplying expansion Joints in so many varied fields of application, we have a wealth of knowledge and ability that can be placed at your disposal.

Flexible Hose

Unicorn Can supply flexible hoses from ¼” to 12” size. Material of construction depends upon application. We have experience in manufacturing from materials like SA 240 TP 304, 321, 316 and Incoloy 625. These hoses are supplied with single or two-layer braiding. For high pressure application more than three layers of braiding can also be provided. Braiding can be manufactured from materials like SA 240 TP 304, 321 and 316. Hose assemblies with any type of end connection as per the customer requirement. Welding is carried out by our qualified welders.